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6am – 10am – Lex and Terry 

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10am – 3pm - McKenzie Rae

mckenzie rae

McKenzie is easy to hang out with, which helps explain how she’s met legends like Ozzy, Dio, George Thorogood, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Kip Winger, Heart, Tommy Shaw and even Mr. T…You can catch McKenzie during the midday. She looks forward to the music and taking your calls. Don’t let the hot ‘girl next door’ look fool ya, she’s really a mouse that roars! [Just ask anyone at the radio station!] She looks forward to a Mt. Dew every morning and donuts on Fridays.   After entertaining on air, she’s off to spend the rest of the day with the love of her life, her daughter Samantha and all of her exotic critters.    If she has any spare time left, she’s out spending money and looking for her new Mr. Right.

3pm – 7pm – Jay Philpott

Jay PhilpottJay Philpott was born in St. Louis and grew up in several places over his childhood in Minnesota and California.  It prepared him well for the mobility that comes with a career in broadcasting.  Jay has worked in a variety of station formats: disco (hey, we do what we gotta do for that first job!), country, new wave, big band, Top 40, AOR, variety hits, classic rock (several times), metal and oldies and now back to classic rock.  Jay has worked in all areas of the country and gotten to know people in great cities such as Minneapolis, Seattle, Springfield (IL), Dallas, Norfolk/Va Beach, Milwaukee, Charleston, SC and St. Louis.

Jay’s personal interests are wide and varied – he loves all kinds of music and maintains a vast and growing collection of songs and classic radio shows.  Pop culture in the form of TV and movies and social media, along with history (American and European), astronomy, and keeping up with sports in the many places he’s lived also gets his attention.  He loves to travel and has been to 45 states and is eager to get to the other 5 soon (ME, VT, NH, RI and Hawaii)!  Jay has been skydiving twice and wants to do that again, as well.

Jay loves people and stays in contact with friends from all eras of his life, and loves meeting new people like listeners and the clients that do business with the station.  He likes to honor members of his family by supporting Veteran’s organizations, and the many organizations that seek to cure medical conditions and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and substance abuse/chemical dependency.

7pm – Midnight – Nights With Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Midnight – 1am – Dan DiMaria

Dan DiMariaFrom the time I can remember being old enough to have an opinion on music, I’ve always been drawn to rock. In a music world as a whole that feels so focus grouped and calculated, rock always stood at to me as the one that felt most real. Hearing a great riff coupled with the raw emotion behind it has always given me a rush. I never learned to play guitar myself, although that is still on my bucket list, so I decided maybe I could try a career as a professional appreciator. My dad was a radio DJ when I was a kid and I fell in love with the industry; everything about it from the access to all the music, to the way there is more electricity in the room with the on air light on, to the smell of the stale coffee that fuels the station. I always wanted to be a part of it, and after roaming around the country and working odd jobs after college, I basically forced my way into a rock radio station and haven’t looked back.  I love being associated with the music that’s the soundtrack to my own life. When I’m on the air, I appreciate that people who decide to listen are letting me be a part of their day. Hopefully I can help make that day a little better with something fun or interesting to pass along.

When I’m off the air, I’m all about friends and family. I’m up for almost anything once, because I’ve always thought who you’re with is more important than what you’re doing. My favorite thing is just sitting and having a beer and some good conversation. I love sports and my first job was as a sportswriter. Now I’m just a fan with a lot of opinions who loses too much money on fantasy football. I also have an interest in health and wellness, which has led me on some odd quests like the year I didn’t eat sugar in any form and how now I only take ice cold showers. Truthfully, my hobby is being on the radio. If you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m so grateful to the listeners that let me do it for a living.

1am – 6am – Chris “Peapod”

Chris "Peapod"Peapod joined WXCR in February 2016.  

He has a Bachelor’s in Communication from The University of Toledo, and graduated from Specs Howard School for Media Arts in early 2014.  

He enjoys music from all over but loves classic rock.

When not on air, Peapod enjoys reading comic books, watching TV, and checking out new music.

Listen to Peapod every weekday from 1-6am!